Orb II: The Last of the Poems HTML version

These are the last of the poems that I wrote during a three and a half year time span
beginning in September of 1967.
Orb II contains all of the poetry that was written during the 2nd half of that time frame,
the good poems and the bad ones. This volume contains some of my best work. A
Champion Born and Flamenco Dancer are two of my personal favorites, along with the
whimsical Sunshine; while Prism is arguably the biggest bunch of malarkey I have ever
read. But then, what do I know? Over the past years, I’ve learned that what I like and
what my critics like are two different animals.
What the reader may notice while paging through this book is that towards the end of the
volume the quality of the poems begins to slip. My excuse for this diminishing focus is
that I had to get out on my own, explore life, and try to earn a living and put food and
beer on the table. Suddenly, poetry did not seem so important to me.