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Operation R.S.V.P.
H. Beam Piper
Vladmir N. Dzhoubinsky, Foreign Minister, Union of East European Soviet Republics, to
Wu Fung Tung, Foreign Minister, United Peoples' Republics of East Asia:
15 Jan. 1984
Honored Sir:
Pursuant to our well known policy of exchanging military and scientific information with
the Government, of friendly Powers, my Government takes great pleasure in announcing
the completely successful final tests of our new nuclear-rocket guided missile Marxist
Victory. The test launching was made from a position south of Lake Balkash; the target
was located in the East Siberian Sea.
In order to assist you in appreciating the range of the new guided missile Marxist Victory,
let me point out that the distance from launching-site to target is somewhat over 50
percent greater than the distance from launching-site to your capital, Nanking.
My Government is still hopeful that your Government will revise its present intransigeant
position on the Khakum River dispute.
I have the honor, etc., etc., etc.,
V. N. Dzhoubinsky
Wu Fung Tung, to Vladmir N. Dzhoubinsky:
7 Feb., 1984
Estimable Sir: