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“The future is here, It’s just not widely distributed yet.”
Although that comment was made by William Gibson, the sci-fi writer who coined the
term “cyberspace,” nearly a quarter of a century ago, it still holds true – especially when
it comes to new technologies for online communications and social networking.
Take “blogs” for example. More than 66 million blogs are currently being tracked on the
Internet, and that figure increases every second. Although people worldwide are finding
huge audiences for these personal, online journals, it took me most of an afternoon to find
a few people in my own community who have even heard of a blog.
Let me mention that I was among the uniformed until recently. Little did I know that
Shakespeare’s words “All the world’s a stage” are ringing true more than ever. Today,
most anyone can take the stage through a phenomenon known as “social networking.”
This online networking is part of the Web 2.0 shift from traditional websites to
interactive platforms that are enhanced with audio and video.
When it comes to social networking, Instant Messaging (IM), also known as “text chat,”
has been widely recognized since the late 1990s. But newer social formats, which include
video e-mails, blogs, podcasts, video conferences and webcasts, are taking online
communications to greater heights as easier to use software tools become more
accessible. And they’re exploding all around us, according to Rich Schott, president of
Funmark Advertising, Inc., Annapolis, MD.
Social networking generally refers to people who connect to websites to expand their
contacts, either socially or professionally. Mostly, it’s used as a social platform for people
to express themselves or to meet others who share common interests. “It’s a great way to
develop friendships – sort of like chatting over the world’s fence without leaving your
own backyard,” Rich said. For professionals, this networking provides unparalleled
potential to establish business contacts with anyone in the world.
Also, a growing number of users are leveraging the social network to share information,
philosophies, and views – to literally be heard by the world. Think about the power of a
single voice, your voice, or the chant of millions penetrating these massive channels often
referred to as citizen journalism.
Rich believes this techno-explosion has been the most dynamic force in communication
since the masses began using the Internet in the mid 1990s, and its potential is just now
being fully realized. “The mass media we grew up with is fast becoming the media of the
masses, and it’s reshaping every aspect of our lives. With the advent of digital
technology, ordinary people are deciding what’s important to listen to or view. The
World Wide Web is ushering in a new era as it emerges into the World Live Web. And
it’s turning the world upside down,” he said.
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