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About the Author
My name is Anne Lesley and I¶ve been an avid Bingo player for as long as I
can remember. I first played Bingo many years ago with my Gran at her local
Bingo hall and I¶ve loved playing it ever since. I, like a lot of people took a
while to catch on to computers and the Internet revolution, but once I did, it
didn¶t take me too long to track down a website where I could play Bingo
online! That was a few years ago now, and Online Bingo was very basic to
say the least back then. Over the years though, I¶ve seen Online Bingo grow
from its modest beginnings into the huge industry it has become today.
Technology and innovation has made Bingo more fun and easier to play than
ever before and people just like you win massive amounts of money playing
Bingo every single day on the very same websites I¶m going to show you in
this book. There has never been a better time to play Online Bingo!
I¶ve loved putting the book together for you and I hope you enjoy reading it as
much as I did writing it. I've tried my best to make this book as concise and
straightforward as possible and I hope that it becomes a useful companion for
you whenever you play Bingo Online.
Let me hear your stories! I love getting emails from people telling me that
they¶ve won at Bingo after applying the techniques in this book. Please email
me at with your success stories -