Online Bible Study - Made Simple


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Book Description

"Online Bible Study-made simple" serves as a digest for quickly understanding 24 major life-topics contained in the Bible, God's communication to all Mankind. The life-topics apply to everyone, and are explained by hundreds of related Bible verses grouped together into the 24 subjects. About 80% of the book is quoted directly from the authority of the Bible itself, making it a dependable source. With an easy-to-read total of 128 e-book pages, it quickly shows how to know our invisible God personally, plus how to make a closer walk with Him a true reality in the midst of a world full of conflicting human opinions. Readers will gain stronger self-identity and sense of purpose for making daily decisions.

Wesley Pierce

A unique way to gain clear, easy understanding of some of the Bible's main topics. Really powerful to see many related verses from all over the Bible listed in one place, helping to explain one another. And the book does it 24 times for various subjects--very informative, enlightening.

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