One Day in Three Sixty-Five HTML version

“Who cares let’s go look for ours.” Nerves said.
After much searching and opening of gifts the pronouncement was made.
“I think that I can say for all that we did ok this year” Nerves said.
“I particularly like that book. I had been on the look out for it and it is scarce as good gold non of the shops
in town had.” Brain said.
“I suspect that there were copies in Soufiere – remember that so called trip to go get the Christmas meat?”
Stomach said. “Since when we going to get meat down the coast – meat always come to us!”
“What ever. I want to read that book now. It is the fourth in that series and I want to know what happened
next.” Brain said.
“Me too” Eyes agreed.
“Not today.” Legs put a halt to that. “I am not curling up for the next four hours doing nothing. It is hard.
You never just sit. You have to take all kinds of positions and after last night I need some consideration.”
“Tis true. Tis true. The life of the Leg and Foot is not an easy one.” Blood teased, then. “But” she boomed,
“When you twist up yourself I cannot get to all parts. My circulation slows down, crawls even stops. So. Go
ahead curl up yourself and I will not be visiting some parts no matter how hard Heart pumps.”
“Yeah and then I go to sleep and every one gets vex when the book is finished and I am the only one who
didn’t know that.” Legs finished.
There was only the sound of that very heart pumping as Brain thought about it.
“OK fair enough.” Brain said. “It’s Christmas – let all be merry”
“Let’s all go eat!” Stomach said.
“I hear something” Ears pricked up.
But no one heard, as they were all engrossed with the ham in platted bread sandwich and the glass of
“People; I hear something” Ears repeated.
“What” Mouth, full of food inquired.
“Look! Masqueraders!” Eyes focused.
One day in three sixty-five