One Day in Three Sixty-Five HTML version

“She may have forgotten but we have not…” Legs chipped in. “Brain always have us late and this time
running made no sense because that Church was packed.”
“As usual” Eyes added.
“We had to stand up for the whole mass, sermon, notices an all you eh light!” Legs continued in full flight
now. “And if that was not enough we went to that j’ouvert fete at Bonne Terre. If we not carrying the weight
of our world then were dancing.”
“Say one, say two – that was a fete!” Mouth watered. “I tried everything in sight.
Rum, juice, ham, chicken even the salad was good.”
“I second that” Stomach said.
“… and as a result the head is bad, the one in three sixty-five days clock is ticking
and Brain being soaked in that rum don’t sound too familiar.” Blood explained.
Again the drunken call.
Wake up! I said! It is Christmas day! Wake up!”
“Get up get up get before she starts trying to sing.” Legs said as the eyelids went up again and the legs
carried their world to the Christmas tree in the living room of the house.
“Ooooh isn’t that so pretty” Hands clapped.
“You would think that it was some else’s hands that put the tree and the decorations up.” Eyes observed.
“… and got her thumb jook with the straight pin” Skin reminded all.
“Hey that adrenalin rush was great!” Blood enthused.
“You think there is a gift for us there?” Nerves asked. “Did we buy a gift for what’s his name?”
“The brother?” Stomach volunteered.
“Yeah him.”
“His name is Benjamin.” Brain said.
“Oh hi ya Brain” they all chorused.
“Please. Not so loud. I hurt. Yeah we got what’s his name a gift.”
One day in three sixty-five