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One Day in Three Sixty-Five
(An inside story)
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ISBN 976-95071-13
“Wake up!”
Wake up! I said!”
“People! It is Christmas day! Wake up!”
The call was received with groans
“It cannot be Christmas already.” Stomach groaned.
“This internal clock thing is getting to be a bit much if you ask me.” Nerves sounded irritated. “It must be six
in the morning”
“Actually it is five o’clock. I just heard the clock chime” Ears corrected.
“No!” Nerves replied in horror.
“You forget how it gets dark early in Saint Lucia? And how it takes long for the sun to rise?” Eyes flashed,
“If you doubt your ears take a look” and with that the eyelids moved up and the light of the digital clock
streamed in.
“Yo, yo turn off the light; some body parts are trying to charge their batteries here.” A part screeched.
Once a gain the call came:
Wake up! I said! It is Christmas day! Wake up!”
“Which body part is that any way.” Stomach asked.
“Brain – who else” Blood gurgled.
“It doesn’t sound like her” Nerves observed.
“You know some parts recoup quicker than others” Blood observed. “Take you for example, Nerves, you
done forget that we were at midnight mass last night? An then that fete?”
One day in three sixty-five
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