On the Wings of Hope: Prose HTML version

Author’s notice
For one more life I write with feather - let's voice keep ringing in the ether.
The Maker gave a Blade of Fire to fight in souls and in wire,
To sing a Message to mankind and help become them man of mind.
Let courage, honor, joy and truth awaken souls, who are sooth,
So with the Hope in divine Light they'll purify the world of blight.
The mix of times is on threshold, and pure spirits, who are bold,
Will have a chance for wisdom's feast, and learn that death does not exist.
Advice was given, hints were made, let's inner fire never fade -
But help one see what's wrong and main, for we are coming once again …
All texts, present in the given book, are, besides other, the author’s attempt to learn himself deeply,
purely and better as far as possible through the creative process and are provided "as is" and
without any warranty.
We are not responsible for any of the following events, as well as any other possible weird side
effect, following them:
1. Accidental change of your world-outlook.
2. The ruin/transformation of everything you previously believed in and hold dear.
3. Sudden inspiration, revelation, saturation, divination or any other "-ation" that is the result of
your (and your only) mind's thoughts and Soul's movements.
4. The short inability to say anything meaningful the time you have just finished reading yet
another portion of this legacy.
5. The reader laughing hysterically.
6. The reader unwillingly, but still due to actions of own spirit, gone sane/insane.
7. The reader, pissing/peeping/singing from joy.
8. The reader's sudden cry of happiness.
9. The reader becoming free of so many unnatural social rituals and prejudices, causing havoc in
the hearts of yet enslaved by the System.
10. The reader's attempt to "spread the word" about how nasty-tasty this pile of papers is for you
(and your home printer included).
11. The reader's attempt to find out current author's dislocation for the purpose of communicating
with him "face to face".
12. The reader's decision to learn himself better through the creative process.
The author would like to thank the reader in advance for his immense sense of humor, used in the
process of consumption of aforementioned notice.
- 2 -