On the Trail of the Immigrant HTML version

Immigration————From Alien to CitizenThe Story of
My Life in AmericaIllustrated net $1.50
 In this interesting
autobiography we see Professor Steinerpressing ever forward
and upward to a position of internationalopportunity and
 The wonderful varied Life-story of the author
of“On the Trail of the Immigrant.”
 The Broken WallStories
of the Mingling Folk.Illustrated net $1.00
 “A big heart and a
sense of humor go a long way toward makinga good book. Dr.
Edward A. Steiner has both these qualificationsand a knowledge
of immigrants’ traits and character.”Outlook.
 Against the
CurrentSimple Chapters from a Complex Life.12mo, cloth net
 “As frank a bit of autobiography as has been published
formany a year. The author has for a long time made a
closestudy of the problems of immigration, and makes a
strongappeal to the reader.”—The Living Age.
 The Immigrant
Tide—Its Ebb and FlowIllustrated, 8vo, cloth net $1.50“May
justly be called an epic of present day immigration,and is a
revelation that should set our country thinking.”Los Angeles
 On the Trail of The ImmigrantIllustrated, 12mo, cloth
net $1.50
 “Deals with the character, temperaments, racial traits,
aspirationsand capabilities of the immigrant himself.
Cannotfail to afford excellent material for the use of students of
 The MediatorA Tale of the
Old World and the New.Illustrated, 12mo, cloth net $1.25
graphic story, splendidly told.”—Robert Watchorn,Former
Commissioner of Immigration.
 Tolstoy, the Man and His
MessageA Biographical Interpretation.Revised and enlarged.
Illustrated, 12mo, cloth net $1.50