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A book on Information Physics
By Sergio Michelson © 2014-2016. https://spacetravelscience.com/
Because a fact seems strange to you, you conclude that it is not one. ... All science, however,
commences by being strange. Science is successive. It goes from one wonder to another. It
mounts by a ladder. The science of today would seem extravagant to the science of a former
time. Ptolemy would believe Newton mad. -Victor Hugo
In this book we will develop a new approach to fundamental physics. It presents a different
explanation for experimental findings that lie at its core. We call it Information Physics. As its
name suggests, it is built around the concept of information. The notion of information is
applied to fundamental physics in a way that is different from the current information theory,
also known as Shannon's theory.
Information Physics is a scientific theory because it explains experimental results stretching
back hundreds of years. It also gives new predictions that can be tested. It is an alternative to
a Relativistic point of view.
Information Physics starts by intentionally ignoring Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and
Newtonian physics, but reducing to all of them as a special case. The idea is that information
plays a more fundamental role in Nature than we currently suspect.
One prediction of Information Physics is a physical possibility of faster-than-light motion in