On the 7th Day HTML version

efforts and I don’t see you sharing our
pain - until now.”
The industrieller fell to his knees.
“Master, we have been focusing on a new
development which will give the humanoids
the power of self-reliance. Think what a
difference that will make at the front.
You could push the droid to human ratio
from fifty to over one thousand to one.”
The tall man relaxed his hand. “I hope
that this not just more of your vapour-
speak. You had better explain this.”
Mellorick rose to his feet. “As you
know, our multi-dimensional cloning
technology is based on building up
molecular layers from a human cloning
subject. Up until now, the finished clone
has a fully functioning body but none of
the emotions and reasoning of its human
The Protector appeared impatient and
started rolling his fingers. “I know all
of this. Why do you continue to waste my
Fearing another beam lashing,
Mellorick’s vocal pace speeded up. “We