On the 7th Day HTML version

sullenly at his short portly
industrieller. “Despite your so called
knowledge and statistics, back in the
Chrome Zone we hear rumblings about your
operation. Is it true that the Molybdenum
feeder plant was dysfunctional for a week
and that clones died of kidney failure
soon after leaving ‘Heaven’?”
Mellorick paced back and forward. “My
Protector, you must understand what a
complex operation I run here. In order to
maintain our weekly output of one million
humanoids, we have to supply 132 feeder
plants, one for every element of the human
body. We have many operational
constraints. You might not have heard but
we have to import oxygen and nitrogen
because we can no longer strip it from the
air because of the pollution.”
The protector pointed his right hand
towards Mellorick and spread out his four
fingers. The industrieller screamed in
pain. “This is a sample of what you will
feel in a month if you do not improve our
output. Times of war call for special