On the 7th Day HTML version

Seamus Kane
Copyright © 2013 Seamus Kane
As the 5 suns of the galaxy Industria
diffused into a blazing pentagon behind
him, Mellorick stood proudly on the
transparent mono-platform which spanned
the vast industrial territory, and pushed
out his enormous chest, like a weight
lifter who had vanquished the last block
of iron. With his index finger, he guided
the knowledge beam towards the head of the
tall man standing to his right.
“Protector, please listen carefully to my
presentation. Our construct ratios exceed
all other units in the galaxy.”
After less than a minute, the
Protector motioned to him that he had
heard enough. As Mellorick snapped shut
the beam, he stole a glance at his
impressive master, hoping for some
indication of approval. Instead, in his
striped grey silver uniform, the leading
bureaucrat in the solar system looked down