On Behavior HTML version

Part 1 My Commentary
None of this is new or ground breaking; it's my commentary on
human behavior as I've seen it along with a large dose of interpersonal
interviews tossed in.
I have an idea, I don't know if it's a theory so I'll call it an idea for now.
That idea is that people are made up of bits and pieces of mental stuff
like grains of sand scooped up from a sand pile and placed in a bucket
and aged with a lifetime of experiences and spiced with emotions. Each
grain of sand is a personality trait randomly selected and added to the
pile to create a unique person with traits shared with but not in the
same combination with everyone else. My instinct is to think that
everyone would be for the most part alike when it comes to certain
things. If you show a picture of a baby to most people they will oooh
and ahhh over it and rarely to do you see someone look away in disgust
and make rude comments. But then maybe they do, just not on the
Culture and the need to fit in can and will change a person's behavior in
a group. People do things in groups they would never do in private.
This isn't ground breaking new science, but it helps explain some
behavior. It seems if everyone else is doing it, then it must be ok,
especially in tense situations although they were taught it was wrong.
When is it ok to loot from a store? I would think never, but if you live
in a big city and the power goes out, there will be a group of people
who think the behavior is perfectly fine. But how can that be? We were
all taught as kids that stealing is wrong, and there is at least one
commandment against stealing, yet prisons are filled with thieves who
didn't pay attention, didn't care or were forced by economic reasons to
go against what our laws say.
So why don't we live in a society where we all do our own thing
regardless of others? I think that's because after a short time we would
all be dead or constantly trying to kill each other off for what the others
have. It seems over time that cooperation among humans has been a
benefit so we try to get along but for some reason we don't go all the
way and live in harmony. There must be a reason why there are