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In the book, he will describe the landscape, the people, the environment, the society and the economy of the places visited
with impressive precision and realism. He will depict each panoramic view with harmony and beauty, adding to it a rhythm
and a rhyme, becoming of an orchestra director and a poet in love.
But wait! He writes about the people, about their freedom, their standard of living, their social welfare and their human
evolution. It is then, and only then, that he opens his missionary soul, his profound faith in God, his internal desire to improve
the environment in order to make people happy, thus showing his vocation as an educator. Then you will see in Roger R.
Fernández an exceptional “berciano” (a person from the Bierzo), human and charitable. He is in love with the world and
mankind, fights for his future and tries hard to reach that equality that for some remains utopian, but which for him is the
motor and the essence of life itself.
You will know a man in love, capable of composing the most sublime song dedicated to his mother, the most marvelous
verses extolling his native land, the most affectionate poem in honor of his father, and that tremendously human ode exalting
his village, its people and its surroundings.
At the end, you will be able to admire a delicate poem dedicated to his wife, his “Filipino Pearl”. It is precisely there where
you will comprehend the profound feeling of a man whose stunning capacity to love has neither limit nor boundary. You will
detect his strength, powerful and soft at once, that blows in a constant and sweet fashion, caressing as the warm wind of the
Allow me, dear reader, to conclude this foreword with some marine verses with which Alberto Vázquez Figueroa ends his
book acclaiming León Bocanegra. He finishes with a love song that his lover dedicates to the protagonist. I believe that is
sufficiently expressive, and it goes thus:
My beloved:
Time is to love
What the sail is to the wind.
If it blows softly it will make it go far.
If it blows abruptly it will end up breaking it.
Dear reader: read softly Odyssey Resumed and you will enjoy serenely the experience of a man who has found in life the best
opportunity, simply by living it.
Héctor Blanco Terán
Bembibre, Spain 1999
February 6, 1997. On this day, the book Odyssey to Opportunity was introduced to El Bierzo, in the House of Culture of
Ponferrada, capital of the region. Unfortunately, that same day, the two teams with the most heated rivalry in the Spanish
Football League (Real Madrid and Barça of Barcelona) were contending for the King’s Cup. Naturally, that reduced
considerably attendance at the presentation. The press left after a half-hour initial interview with the author, but amply
published and broadcast the event, including pictures of the author addressing the audience in their report.
Roger had already made a presentation of his autobiography in an environment rather cordial and informal, to a great number
of friends and acquaintances in Los Barrios and in Fuentesnuevas. Radio Onda Bierzo extensively broadcast the latter
throughout the weekend. Roger takes this opportunity to express wholehearted thanks to “Margó” who organized, in one day,
the friendly event in Los Barrios, and Mary Crespo and Emilia Martínez, president and member, respectively of the Cultural
Association Charanga Queimada, who carried out the elaborate but similarly amicable get-together in Fuentesnuevas.
In spite of the success of these two occasions, it was only on February 6, in the House of Culture in Ponferrada that the
author, encouraged by Councilman of Culture Manuel Rodríguez, decided to write a sequel to his book. This was not the first
time, however, that Roger was asked to continue writing his autobiography. Several months earlier, Héctor Blanco Terán, a
poet from Bembibre and author of this work’s foreword, had already urged him not to allow his “odyssey” to finish there and
to share it with his readers. “Do not let your odyssey end there and do not let it be only yours”, he wrote to Roger on April 6,
“Odyssey to Opportunity” presented
Héctor Blanco Terán was the Master of Ceremonies at the presentation of the book in the House of Culture of Ponferrada. He
advised the audience that it became difficult to introduce the work in question “for one can fall into the temptation to
comment on it and describe it without wishing it, for its theme, fresh and human, invites one to relate its content. In it, the
author shows a firm will, developed during a long life, and guaranteed by a morally and intellectually profound knowledge
and, of course, a firm and powerful desire to take honestly the best out of life”. And Héctor continued: “The charming