Ocean of Divinity HTML version

MAY 2013
A Message Flows
It faded blossom of that crazy time
I would like to tell so much
Golden summer
Celestial eyes colored the waves of sea…
Hey there, Girl… Salam!
Thank you, dear
Tan mucho quiero yo decir…
The All-Time Nature
Los ojos celestes de color de undubre
A Road to Heaven
APRIL 2013
When it comes the Time to Go…
Wave in farewell, my dear…
Each of us remain a special mission…
Everyone gets a reward…
La Niebla Pavonada
A big amenity of being
What is a Jew ( והמ
ידוהי )
Mazarin Mist
Melekh Ha’Olam (םלועה ךלמ)
Kissing you last thing at night…
Existencional Spin
A Searcher for True Love
In everyone of you I am observing…
Cuando se llegará el tiempo a ir...
It is important such to be among the people…
MARCH 2013
Es Kommt das Wahrheit, Divinidad canción
Moscow Sky
Sit in Carriage alongside Me
Creation is Divine
A bit of Delight
ᄀQué bueno ser un espectador de esta noche!
Little Boxes of the Mind
Empieza la Noche
םיהולא תוחכונ ךורב