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Ocean of Divinity

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Published: 3 years ago

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The Book by Alex Listengort contains Poetry in different languages that is aimed to reveal for a reader the divinity of a human being, an eternity and genuine of its soul and the magnificent beauty of energy presented in our world. Today in our hands we all keep a totally blessed possibility to get the needed truth, to open a stream that does fill up and gives us new power to go further: with a good will, conscious goal, bright mind and an awakened soul. Many people that have known Alex’s creativity do mark a special energy of his poems, that truly gifts them peacefulness, joy, bliss, energy and a new knowledge. In this edition presents the works of Alex Listengort, written in a period of time from autumn-2008 to May 2013. Here the reader may see a circle of different topics, of questions and answers, embodied in Poems. These Pieces of Arts do Bless and Fill Up with a Special Energy that is familiar to every living creature, and that brings peace, eternity, divine presence and Miracle of life in all its forms. Searches for a meaning of life and its integrating into the life itself, eternal existencional questions, for which the author dares to give an answer in his poems. Themes of love and beguines, motherland, nature, time and something they call the God.


This piece encompasses many subjects in my brightest interpretation. Alex is a charming custodian of the language. With, this piece, you have once again proven to me, your brilliance, as you did in the July new member's contest, 2011 at allpoetry. In summary, you write like T. S. Eliot, whom I've before long made my writing heroe in the west. Keep it up.


Alex Listengort

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