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And finally:
Beware Of where you’re Going and What You Become.
Life is about having a guide; it’s using the guide to get directions and using those directions to
formulate a map.
Beware of what you obsess over; sometimes the price is too high. Know when you’re losing
your sense of reason, your virtues and values; know when the price of success is not worth the
If you notice your goals are based on wealth and acquiring objects, you may need to rethink
your objectives. Money and things are nice but in the end they will never provide true
happiness, because they can never love you back. Who is it that wouldn’t trade all they have for
one more day with their child – or give away their fortune to heal a crippling disease?
Even though we frequently talk about mission, vision and idealization, the basic underlying
foundation is our core values. Core values are the principles and standards at the center of our
character; they are who we are and form a barrier from which we will not stray. The point is,
when setting goals, know what your values are.