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reactions and emotions over events and circumstances in the past, present and future. The
objective mind on the other hand, undergoes experiences, decides the significance of those
events, and filters what is important and relevant in the event. Only what the objective mind
sees as relevant and true will be filtered to the subjective mind for integration.
Freud used the metaphor of an iceberg to describe the two major facets of human mind. The
tip of the iceberg which extends above the water is the conscious - objective mind while the
much larger bulk of the iceberg is the unconscious - subjective. When you see the tip of the
iceberg you’re seeing a dormant and decaying entity; one with no growth and little power to
change its course. The exposed section is subject to greater, more resilient powers which lie
beneath; the unseen that has the influence to change the course of the visual substance, to
strengthen it or abate it. Though the base of the ice is the driving force, without the tip to hold
back the sea, the ice would circum to the elements rapidly. Thought, like the tip of the ice, is
necessary to feed the form of the subconscious. Though it doesn’t directly guide the path, it
provides the course and fuel necessary for its survival.
When you consider the vast responsibilities of the subconscious mind, the power and potential
become obvious. With the right leverage you can move mountains. Working directly with the
subconscious mind provides leverage to effectively create profound and long-lasting changes
on a mental, emotional and physical level.
This Law of Devine Oneness is one of conscious awareness and subjective impression of the
mind and on the mind. One in which the conscious, “objective mind” adjusts its pattern of
thought and reality through interaction with the subconscious, “subjective mind.” As the power
of oneness flows the subconscious follows and with this, a natural connection with the mind of
God results.
Although we divide ourselves as individuals we are one, and one is no greater or less than the
One who created us. We possess superior and unique abilities from the same Source which
develop in different ways and at different times in our growth. Collectively, we are spiritual
beings having a human experience with the intent of developing fully. This is where physical
characteristics and natural ability take form - yet the Source remains the same.
We are one, we are creation. You are one with God, the same as the creator. You develop
unique abilities and physical talents that are exclusive to you and these traits develop at a fixed
time. We have all experienced doing something extraordinary well, a point where everything
just flowed and we were in a zone of excellence, the divine oneness flowing through you. Since
God is omnipotent, “all power," omnipresent, “all present” and omniscient, “all knowing,” isn’t
it rite that when you are in agreement with him, his authority and will shines through you and
you experience the same harmony in life.
Being one with God is not only physical but psychological. Every time you are kind to others, or
to you, you become more in tune to the oneness with God. His love and energy pervades
through you because your mind and thoughts are the same, just of a different measure. I’m
sure you’ve done good deeds in the past, done the right thing, given of yourself for the sake of
others? The feeling you received from your action was one of love, delight, harmony, in short,
feeling oneness with your creator.