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The first of the 12 Natural Laws helps you to understand you live in a world where
everything’s connected. What you do, say, think and believe affects everything around you.
In the late 1800s, American poet, philosopher and physicist Ralph Waldo Emerson, stated "All
creation is one and people should try to live life in harmony with nature and with others.” He
describes the currents of the Universal Being as circulating through him "I am part or particle of
Emerson's most famous passage suggests individuals are connected to Divine Oneness as well
as universal knowledge.
As he continues to consider his own existence Emerson states: “It is certain the power to
produce these delights, do not live in nature, but in man, or in a harmony of both; nature, in its
mystery to man, is not only the material, but also a process and a result.”
Clearly, Emerson considers himself same in content and substance as the universe. That man is
one and the same as the one who created him. The One who created him created all.
Devine Oneness is referenced in Ephesians 4:6: by the Apostil Paul, “One God and Father of all,
who is over all, and through all, and in all of you.” This verse mirrors much of the New
Testament teaching of oneness. Man is one with God and all minds are of the same source as
our creator; we are one with God.
Oneness and connection to God is the nature of man; it’s your thoughts, dreams, beliefs and
emotions, it’s your soul and your spirit. Through this source you have access to all knowledge,
known and unknown, to an infinite power and abilities far beyond your beliefs. This being true,
you can tap the limitless creativity of the One who created all knowledge, all power and all
present. If there is any point of doctrine that is absolutely truth in the teaching of Christ, it is
that God is the Father and man is one with God.
The Mind:
It's important to understand the two minds at work and the basis of Divine Oneness as
the foundation of the universe and all its work.
The brain, the organ of the mind, is a living cell. This organic matter has no ability for creative
thought, only reaction to events. All living beings (mammals) have a brain that regulates life,
movement and necessary roles to continue life, but only the brain of man can produce original
thought. You may be able to teach your pet to react with given stimulus, but to train them in
values or future conditions would be futile.
Connection of the objective and subjective mind is another distinction between primate and
man. You have a subjective mind which relates to conscious thought by experiences but is
incapable of undergoing those experiences. Thus, the subjective is an observer of conscious
thought and events. It interacts with the objective mind to translate thought into emotion, to
produces sympathy, anger, jealousy and fear. This connection allows you to experience