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Have you ever entered a raffle or a game of chance and been so upbeat you just new you’re
going to win, not a doubt in your mind. On the flip side, how about waking up in a bad mood
and everything just goes downhill from the second you get out of bed. These are basic
examples of the Law of Attraction in its purest form; energy attracting energy.
This doesn’t mean all events in life are a result of the Law of Attraction. As I’ve stated; all laws
act in cooperation yet independently with universal law, and the dominate law produces the
The mind is a spiritually powerful, diverse and complex organ, capable of depths which we are
only beginning to understand. It’s an instrument in human body capable of producing and
interacting with vibrations and energies of universe.
The foundation of any success that you encounter whether physical, mental or spiritual is in
your thoughts. When your mind believes there is a way and your will is strong to achieve, a
method is formed. The law of attraction can help you discover the course of your future, your
achievements and your failures.
Why It Does and Doesn’t Work:
As students of thought, you know the Law of Attraction is adaptable. As with all it bends
and molds with other laws, eventually absorbing or taking on the character of a more dominate
Since God is omniscience it would be true He contains complete values and collective thought.
If the mind is congested with negative energy, thoughts, vibrations or disruption, it cannot
possibly release enough positive energy to effectively change. You must rid yourself of negative
energy to elicit change. By using the power of will, by awareness and discipline, you can
manage your mind to cancel unwanted thoughts and images. You can remove negative focus
and remain fixed on productive ideals.
As with any skill this takes time, effort, dedication and determination to be proficient. There are
a host of causes which affect natural law, all of which fall back on your capacity to use the
knowledge of these laws. The more steady and continuous your purpose, the more rapidly you
People typically struggle or give up when things don’t work out, here are five troubleshooting
tips that usually help to get things back on track. Use them regularly as a checklist of your
Get a reality check. We live in our own reality; therefore, our problems are big to us.
And, whatever our problems are, they are a balance between thought and action.
The most common error in our reality is correct thought. Ask yourself: Are these actions moving
me towards or away from my goals - Is this ambition realistic given the circumstances – What
resources will I need to achieve my objective – Are there expectations beyond my control - Is
information missing from my decision making process because of insufficient investigation?