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What can be said about the Law of attraction which hasn’t already been printed, posted
or scripted?
In essence this law explains how we create events in our lives by our thoughts, feelings, words,
and actions. This pattern of behavior produces energies which, in turn, attract like intensities.
Both negative and positive energies attract like influences.
We are energy and everything around us is energy. What we think is what we experience and
what we experience is vibration pulsating through our bodies. These vibrations produce our
thoughts, words and actions while forming the world around us. We have the power to fashion
a life of our own choosing; a life of harmony and plenty or conflict and lack. To create this world
you need to control your thoughts and emotions. Awareness of Universals Laws helps you do
To understand the Law of Attraction you must be aware of the Law of Vibration; that
everything is vibrational energy and this includes you. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions
connect forces through our spirit.
What we are attracted to and what we attract can tell us a lot about our past. After all, like
attracts like and past actions often become repeated measures. The Law of Cause and Effect
bears witness to the truth that we are the result of our past. For you to live you must have
experiences to relate too, “Inductive Reasoning,” but you must also understand how these
thoughts are fashioned. You must have an understanding of events and their results to decide if
your actions are appropriate. This being the case, it holds true that we live by cause and effect
every moment of our lives.
Bear in mind the Law of Attraction is not the same as the Law of Cause and Effect where you
have an event which results in an action, it operates between cause and effect. In short, you
have an event, a cause, and the Law of Attraction places the energy in your control to produce
a choice, through choice you produce the effect. These two laws like all natural law perform
with, and separately from all other laws. All life, nature and the universe is cyclical, in an ever-
changing state of beginning, these laws cooperate with one another to the point where the
dominate law takes control.
The Law of Attraction is not to be used only when we are in need or distress, this should be a
way of life, an expansion of knowledge. We must be aware and observe how attraction is
working on our lives. The Law works regardless of your circumstances or awareness and is
neutral in the encounter. Use it correctly to understand and connect with the laws of nature. If
we are not happy, it means that we are failing to harmonize with some these laws.
Vibration and Attraction:
We know the universe works under vibratory energy and energy attracts energy. It
holds true if a person is emitting positive energy they will receive positive results.