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you do not have, never what you need. By focusing on what you want, you overlook the value
of what you need and what you have. On the contrary, when your attention is focused on
needs and values, the results optimize what you have.
Everything in the universe is neutral. There is nothing good or bad; therefore there is no blame,
no guilt, no injustice, no luck, no punishment, etc. All these are concepts of the ego in order for
the mind and body to survive and to satisfy their primal wants. Nature operates the same
regardless of how your morning’s going or whether your flight’s on time.
Think of nature as an electrical circuit with a positive and negative side and a mechanism in
between which completes the circuit. We know from the study of physics that a person can
touch a live circuit, regardless of the voltage and nothing will happen as long as he is not
grounded. Once he is grounded, attached to the negative side, energy will flow through him
and may very well end his existence. For this reason birds are able to stand atop of high voltage
power lines with no effect of the energy; the energy is present, the mechanism is in place but
the circuit isn’t complete. Natural Law is that mechanism which connects the energy to produce
form and function.
Thought must be in harmony with the natural law and its creative process and in tune with the
spirit, to form the circuit. Thinking thoughts that are not in tune with the soul, breaks the
polarity, the circuit cannot be formed. The subconscious communicates this balance, or lack of
connection in thought and action as it pertains to harmony. It’s obedience with this
communication which places you in tune with the Nature Laws. If you entertain thoughts which
are not in agreement with these laws life cannot be converse; there is no circuit, no connection,
you are isolated with the thoughts cling to you, harassing and worrying you.
You must control this thought, allow it to be constructive and creative by eliminating all
destructive or competitive thinking. Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions
are the result of the power which we summon from correct contemplation. Likewise, every
lack, limitation or adverse circumstance is the result of the weakness which we display forms a
worldly view. This weakness is simply absence of power, a lack of thought and a deficiency of
knowledge. It comes from nowhere, it is nothing; the remedy then is simply to develop the
power and draw from the life within you.