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Law of Cause & Effect asserts everything happens for a reason. All actions have
outcomes and produce specific results, as do all inactions. That all form, and creation, is
explained by a combination of universal laws, and nothing takes place outside of their
influence. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
If you produce a cause, you create an effect and conversely once you have created an effect
you have produced another cause. Nothing can exist without cause and each effect is in
essence another cause, this is also the Law of Growth which will be defined in chapter 10. These
Laws are consistent for all men and the entire creation of the universe.
In simplest terms, precise events have a cause not just random action and these produce exact,
not random effects. The slightest change in events, whether in cause or effect, is a new
creation. Thus, change in cause alters effect while change in effect modifies cause.
A person moves mentally and physically by the Law of Action and form is produced by the Law
of Change, this form has growth by the Law of Vibration and so on. The constant transferable
flow in universal is cause and effect.
This change in motion produces action and any repetition of actions becomes habit and habit
becomes one's nature. You began with a cause, action, and ended with an effect, “nature.”
Regardless of the sequence of events a cause can always be defined and effect will always be
Actions produce results, whether negative or positive. Not the individual, but the action, energy
and force produced by the individual create the effect. Nowhere am I saying an individual is not
responsible for his own actions. But in reality, the person themselves cannot create effect
without actions and events of others. In reality, actions are a sequence of interaction with
others, they aren’t random.
I believe our success and failure can be boiled down to two words: responsibility and humility.
Our entire spiritual and personal development can be measured by our degree of adherence to
those two standards we set in each. A deep humility, accompanied by a great willingness to
accept and act upon our obligations and responsibilities is the cornerstone of correct action and
thus effortless effect. These maybe the hardest actions to come by for, humility means ignoring
pride, letting go of ego and responsibility removing habits which disrupt our obligations to self.
The wonderful thing about Cause and Effect is, by design you’re able to create any possibility
which is consistent within natural law. Create a controlled and specific cause and the effect will
be certain. Alter the cause and you alter the effect. Should you wish to be successful, study
what made others successful in your chosen field. Model them, do what they did, act as they
act and if possible, eat what they eat. What books did they read, courses did they study, beliefs
did they hold, actions did they take? It’s not by chance the offspring of eminent minds are
excellent scholars or famous athletes produce great competitors.