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Not only is this application in nature, but in you as well. You are consistent in your thoughts,
uniform in your desires and established in your approach to life; it’s time for a change. You can
begin to apply what you have learned to designs your life rather than making a living. You can
gain a better understanding of how symmetry is all around you and become more aware of
balance in your world.
We can reason that if Correspondence is a principle of the universe, then by holding to the
laws, you govern the outcome. If we would like more love, more money, greater knowledge,
more time, we must first recognize the abundances in our lives (without comparing them to
anything). We only need acknowledge we already have what we desire. Once accepted, we
must go about giving freely and through a loving nature our time, money, knowledge, love,
whatever. The amount of giving is not important. The consciousness behind the giving is.
After you arrive at an objective viewpoint of what your current state of affairs are, take
responsibility for your life. This is your being one with the creator which has given you powers
and abilities far beyond your imagination. Now is the time, give up the rationalizations and
own your life.