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Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and is compatible and consistent
with your dominant thinking.
You see, hear and feel (physical senses) what you believe to be your reality and conduct
yourself in accord with this appearance of the world. When you notice negative events you’re
disturbed, when you view positive actions you become relaxed and cheerful. The truth is, while
the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, it's an incomplete image. This principle
explains most emotions as in happiness, sadness, success and failure.
The true meaning of the Law of Correspondences, “As above, so below,” is our conscious world
is a reflections of our subconscious beliefs and our beliefs instruct our mind on the value of
every event. Like universal law, this association isn’t exact. You incorporate and entwine your
thoughts with your modalities (your primary forms of sensation, touch smell, sight) and
perceive them as a single event, separate yet whole; just as the cycle of one law connects to the
cycle of another.
We don’t always live according to our personal values and viewpoints. The events and actions
of your past shaped your future. From childhood our parents guided our thoughts and placed
values in our lives. As an adult you are directed by your experiences from your youth, from the
media and from your sensory perceptions. Every situation assembles new information and thus,
you are always developing new values and beliefs.
Since you are one with nature and God flows through your life, you are two realizations,
separate and whole. Separate in your subconscious rules your view of the world yet your
conscious remains the sole contact with the world. Your inner world supplies your values and
viewpoints yet your outer world decides the importance of those values as they apply to given
circumstances. When you known the right thing to do and choose the opposite, you’ve
experienced this separation of consciousness.
In the end, your inner world reflects the experiences of your outer world and the outer world
constantly contributes experiences to the inner world. Your outer world is a movie which the
inner world directs.
The Law of Correspondence makes it clear our problems don’t exist as problems. Our mind and
beliefs make them problems. If you believe an event is an opportunity, it will be. Should you
believe the same event is a difficult; life will give you difficulty. If you had a deep belief you
would spot a shark while scuba diving, guess what, a shark. It's important to have clear, visible
and realistic beliefs, consistent with your wants, needs and values.
Belief is like a scientific theory. A hypothesis (educated guess) is based on observations of the
given event. Logical deductions are made to separate the facts and a theory is born out of the
Going one step further; theory is held as true until disproved. How did man come up with such
an idea? Simple, he took his own analysis of the way his thoughts work and applied them to the