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Set Goals. It’s common to set goals for the day or week. Setting goals for the future is a
different matter. If need be, make a plan to create a plan. When working day by day you’re
only managing life, you want to build a future. Once you set a goal for yourself, take the next
step, create smaller goals to achieve those goals.
Their Disciplined: It is discipline that allows you to forsake short-term pleasures in favor of your
longer-term goals. Having discipline is a choice which you apply by accepting responsibility for
your life, and then choosing the behavior which aligns with your overall objective.
The Law of Action requires you to take a proactive role in creating your life. It isn’t about
leaving the Law of Attraction behind. Attraction is still necessary, but it is only a foundational
step which gives your actions purpose. Adding congruent action to your desires creates
powerful change. However, there is a balance in both of these concepts. There is a time for
silence, for vision, for focused intent; there is also a time for action. First, decide what you
want, then take reasonable steps toward those goals. As you take these steps you will notice
attraction to further action, the need to continue moving forward. This momentum creates
more action and the more action you take, the more you create what you want.
When something feels forced, take a step back, reassess, but don’t get stuck. There is a vast
difference between “standing on your truth” and demonstrating plain human stubbornness. At
these times I like to ask myself, “is this moving me closer to my desires, or further away” or “am
I fighting for my limitations or living for my possibilities?” This changes my pattern of thought
from imagination, into action, moving from the space of feeling and thinking into goals and
Don’t wait until you finish this book, until you meditate or discover the Oneness inside you to
take action. The power is already in you; at this point you’re just refining the source and
narrowing your focus. Your ability to receive and manifest this force depends only on your
capacity to recognize the infinite authority within you, the energy creating and recreating your
body and mind. It’s in the exact proportion to your recognition of this truth that you will expand
your life.