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Personal development is more than taking action to improve areas in your life, its knowledge of
the truth, while facing your fears, it’s removing pride and finding harmony, it’s releasing the
potential inside of you.
We all have dreams and aspirations, but very few of us ever fulfill them. There are so many
reasons why we don't become the person we want to be that it can be difficult to know where
to start. One thing is certain, if you develop a map, acquire a purpose and hold firmly to your
beliefs, you will succeed.
We reap what we sow and if we choose negative attitudes, bitterness or resentment, we will
sow pessimism and despair. The same is true of our successes, if we choose honesty,
appreciation and gratitude, we find our relationships mature, business flows and we begin to
grow as individuals.
We know that our outer world is nothing but a reflection of our inner world and it’s only our
perception of events that give them meaning. Why do people reject the reality that we are the
sum of what we continually think and our growth is in direct proportion to our beliefs and
actions? Simple, they would have to take full responsibility for their lives and actions.
A positive mental attitude will do little for you in the area of success. If you truly wish to change
your life you need to know why things happen, to believe life is larger than you and to
habitually follow a path of correct thought. You have to be willing to pay the price in time,
thought and effort. If you’re honest with yourself, aware of your surroundings and focus on the
end results, you’ll find a map to a brighter future.
Man-made laws to elicit desired behaviors, and the results, are unpredictable in nature.
When these laws conflict with the Natural Law, we suffer consequences in our health,
relationships, business and life in general. On the other hand, laws of nature are unbreakable.
They can’t be changed, altered or managed; they are undivided and operate perfectly. These
laws are separate yet whole and traverse with each other as they influence our thoughts,
actions and the events around us. One Law will never conflict with another and in fact, they
work in perfect harmony with each other. We will never find an example where they differ with
each other and create an unintended result; all is perfect.
The real prize in life is the discovery of these truths and how they govern your actions, dreams
and consequences. These laws, when abided by, produce an effortless way of life and a
harmonic existence. By discovering their immutable properties, you learn how to control your
natural surroundings, and environment.
Somewhere in these 12 chapters you are going to find a person you never met. Suddenly and
shockingly, your life will be changed to the extent you allow. Questions will be answered,
events begin to make sense and life becomes unstoppable; if only for a moment.
Natural Law:
I’m sure that you’ve heard much about Universal Laws or at the very least the Law of
Attraction. This well-known theory popularized in recent years by books, films and speakers of