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The universe is an unlimited supply of energy and this power is infinite. It is alive with
creation and is constantly constructing more material from which you build and expand your
thoughts. When one source is expended, more is produced. When a plant withers, seeds are
released and the soil creates new life from a once dead environment, life is renewed. The
Universe responds to the needs of mankind and it will not let the world be without everything
necessary to sustain his existence.
To better understand Unlimited Supply, it may be helpful to revisit the nature of Oneness. With
Oneness, there is no time, space, life, death, or size; only energy. When you continually remind
yourself of this, you see why it is in your best interest to leave the "how" to the Divine Oneness
and connect wholly whenever possible.
The Law if Action is based upon energy and the natural reproduction its force. When a function
is preformed, whether it is thought, action or reaction, a cause is produced and when cause is
produced, effect will follow. Since substance is energy placed into form, it is only logical a
change in energy will alter the form and substance, action produces reaction, cause creates
The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest our desires. The nature of action
is, “All thought habitually held becomes form in the subconscious mind and these thoughts are
with you continually.” In due time and by the regular action, the unconscious thoughts produce
substance and in turn surround you with people, forms and feelings.
We know through the Law of Vibration energy is everywhere, even in an inactive state. If you
choose to do nothing, you have made a choice and created an action and you will produce
exactly what you acted upon, nothing. You must engage in action to supports your thoughts
and dreams. Determination in combination with deliberate action provides a path for energy to
flow, the mechanism to complete the circuit. Since the universe is Omnipotent, all power, it
finds a channel to support your desires by creating circumstances and conditions necessary for
achievement. Action whether positive or negative will always produce results.
I believe Law of Action to be an extension of the Law of Oneness. As events unfold in your life,
you become aware of situations which you know in your soul, you feel inside, you need to act
upon. To recognize this Oneness is to be aware of yourself and to acknowledge you are not a
lone wandering generality in a world of chance. That you are here for a purpose and that
purpose is to grow and enrich not only your life, but the lives of others. The question is why
most people are not demonstrating this in their lives.
We get results in exact accordance with our beliefs and willingness to act. Understanding the
Law of Action while applying the Law of Oneness creates an inner thought, one which speaks
loudly and clearly, one which is never wrong and always in harmony with your values. The
problem lies in a person’s willingness to listen to their inner thoughts and to override their
conscious state. I believe everyone knows the correct action to take at any given moment and