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When it comes to personal growth we often ignore the truth around us. In fact, personal
development can’t take place without such consciousness. You can only improve what you can
evaluate and you can only measure what you understand. In other words, if you want to
improve yourself, you need to know why things happen, how you can improve and what steps
to take next.
But what is self-realization, how can you become more aware and develop a sense of oneness?
This insight can produce a profound understanding of you. The search can confirm laws which
are universal in their truth and procedures.
This is the realization of your core beliefs, your true values and your internal dialog. It is taking
stock of your current path and adjusting everyday life to correspond with your path. Its
awareness of self and those around you who change the energy and vibrations of your
existence, it’s finding the truth and oneness with your creator.
When you know your strengths and weaknesses and understand how you react to different
situations, you can change the results by awareness of natural law. You can find out how
disciplined you are and what motivates you, and use your awareness and emotional state to
control action and events. Most of all, you can find out who you are.
You may believe you’re aware of life and those around you. Maybe you’ve addressed
your weaknesses and deem life as just a matter of making the most of the situation. Perhaps
you believe in God but just don’t quite understand why you believe. Maybe you feel your role
as a male or female is compromised by the ever changing society. Whatever you may be going
through I can promise you this, there is a reason, an underlying cause of your experiences.
Should you believe you’re in control of your circumstances and that you manage a difficult life
in an accurate manner, I’m here to say you may very well be right; but what if you’re mistaken.
What if there is more to life than being aware of those around you. Suppose these strengths
and weaknesses are nothing more than an effect of specific actions and the situations are part
of the rhythm of life. What if you could manipulate life to flow with these rhythms or realize
when change is affecting a given results. You would be able to control life and not have life
manage you.
Could it be possible the very existences of your problems are a mere symptom of other events
taking place? That you may be disregarding opportunities or even allowing tribulations by not
focusing on correct action.
Consider this for a moment; it could be you don’t know everything about yourself and that
you’re not as observant of you and your own actions as you believe. It’s okay; perfection should
never be a goal. Your goal should be constant improvement on a daily basis; expansion of
yourself, your knowledge, your passion and your desires; to become one with your creator and
to truly know “You.”