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The tiniest disturbance in vibration bends existing energy and initiates a varying change until
absorbed by the dominate force. The moon shifts orbit and the seas begin to rise and fall, a
child screams in fear and adults search for the reason. Speak to someone who is in a spiteful
manor and before they respond, you feel a vibrational shift in your energy. This is a temporary
shift of state, a momentary effect of the dominate vibrations. A disturbance in any part affects
the surrounding fields of rhythm and a brief alignment is created. When energy begins to flows
in harmony with the new vibrations, balance is restored. Any energy affected by the original
disturbance will returns to order or gives way to the dominant energy. An example: A fight
breaks out at a party and vibrations escalate; everything was pleasant until the energy
exploded. The actual event may take seconds; but its pulsation was so powerful, it changed the
entire vibration within the surrounding area. This change can last minutes or an eternity
depending on the force. At the same time, by introducing strong harmony to an environment of
negative energy, the harmonizing energy can shift the destructive vibrations and brings them
into alignment.
The beauty of vibration is that offers a choice; you can harmonize with energy or remove
yourself from it. Should you be in a negative environment, it’s entirely up to you on how to deal
with the flow. You can walk away and surround yourself with other positive forces or you can
choose to challenge the situation and alter the flow. Whichever way you proceed, change is
made and natural flow will occur. Analyze your friendships, relationships, working colleagues
and decide objectively just how healthy these people are in terms of the energy they produce.
Do they bring out the best in you or do you serve as a sponge for all their problems and
miseries? Staying with people who have a constant flow of negative energy isn't going to be
rewarded, so don't subject yourself. If the force is negative, excuse yourself from it, if it’s
constant; remove it totally from your life.
To raise vibration levels and be harmony with the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient
spirit, little more than conscious thought and consistent effort is needed. The more you allow
the essence of the Creator to flow through your mind and body, the higher your vibrational
frequency and the more creative and authentic you become. The lower you are in vibrational
frequency, the less inspired and agreeable you are. Your ego begins to choke the flow and allow
less of the Creator to flow through your life.
Break The Pattern:
The first step in training your mind is to remove the habitual forces which are controlling
your life; people are constantly falling into patterns. They start out with the best intentions and
do well for a little while, but then fall back into old habits. This design has been holding you
back must be broken. Effort is required but the rewards allow you to live the life you want.
Try these new patterns for one week and notice the change in your vibrations. They may seem
simple and pointless to begin with and if that’s the case you should have no problems. Habits
are easy to break for the first few days, I’m only asking for seven. Summon your will, know you
can achieve and deliver what you commit too.
Give Up TV. Television is filled with images meant to deaden the mind, little is
inspirational or educational and it’s the primary killer of positive intent. Remove it and you will