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We are living in an energy filled universe connected from the lowest to the highest
levels of life, spirit and matter; energy is everywhere, especially in us.
The Law of Vibration can be described as the Law of Change since Vibrational energy is
apparent when changes in form or function occur. These laws do traverse, but the Law of
Vibration considers mind and thought opposed to the physical and nonphysical world most
often associated with change.
Understanding vibration is recognition that every action is energy and thus affected by its force
and shaped by its influence. The same principle of vibration that applies to your physical world,
applies to your mental world of thoughts, feelings, wishes, and wills. Each sound you hear,
event you see, and thought you think has a frequency unique to itself.
The Law of Vibration states, the Universe is in motion, it vibrates and travels in patterns. In the
vastness of the universe in which 90 percent is empty, we see energy in all places; it's molding,
shaping and changing forms throughout the cosmos. New theories such as Dark Matter
illustrate its presence in the enormity of unfilled space. This infinite power holds everything in
place and reacts precisely to Universal Law.
Since vibration is energy and the entire cosmos is vibrating matter, this means nothing is ever
dormant. There is no such thing as inertness in the universe; everything is under constant
vibrational change. From your own mind to the largest forms of matter, energy is everywhere.
Everything at every level is changing, from galaxies to thoughts, from planets to emotions, the
fact is, and everything is change. Change is constant.
Vibrations moves through the body in a distinct flow, which in turn aligns the mind and spirit.
When energy is freely transferred through us we become in perfect harmony with our thoughts
and actions were in the “zone.” We’re in sync with the world and move through life free of fear,
worry and sadness. As you shift towards or away from this harmonization, you change the
vibrations and patterns of your mind, thoughts and actions, and thus attract vibrations from
new sources.
Have you ever walked into a concert or sporting event and immediately you felt the energy
flowing in the room? Instantly your energy changes to match the liveliness being produced by
others. Move as little as 10 feet from one space to another and your energy can explode into a
myriad of emotions and feelings by the presence of new vibrations. Times of sorrow, concern,
of peace and joy can be overrun with the polar opposite. How many times have we driven
down the road in a blissful state, listening to music or having good conversation when suddenly
someone cuts us off? Instantly our energy shifts from pleasant to one of anger, and we find it
hard to regain the peace we had just moments ago. It takes a complete shift to bring you back
in harmony with a joyous condition, just as it took a complete shift to move you away from this
accord. This transfer could take hours, days, even months. What’s important to understand is
the energy needed to recapture your state must be greater than the energy which initially
disrupted the situation.