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Challenge your perception Change your Life - The Immutable Laws of Existence
Know the Truth and be Aware of the Laws Governing your Life.
Understanding the Mind of God and your Connection to Him
Vibrational Energy - how it effects your Mind - Thoughts and Relationships.
Listen to your Intuition - Control your Thoughts - Identify your Beliefs.
What are your Values and Viewpoints - Change your Experience and Grow.
Two Minds at Work – Creating Positive Change
Giving – Effort in Action – Spending above your Means
Vibration in Attraction – Why it does and doesn’t Work – Setting Goals
Change your Thoughts – Challenge your Fears – Change is all there is
Perception – Truths – Action and Relativity
Increase your Awareness – Change your Core Beliefs – Face your Fears
Everything Vibrates with Definite Rhythms and nothing is ever out of order
Everything has Masculine and Feminine principles – Male and Female Characteristics
When all ells fails, great the day with love and you shall win.