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The world is complex and we are no more than a grain of sand upon the beach. But its simplistic
design, perfect creation and flawless harmony allow us freedom of choice and remarkable
opportunity. Once we grasp the laws of nature, our confusion turns to understanding and chaos
into order. It becomes easy to control existence; no matter what the difficulties.
By understanding the concept that perception, not events, creates man’s problems; you gain
insight into individual thought. These external forces can sway personal beliefs and by
manipulating these beliefs to suite your will you allow relational stability. It’s common to argue
a case where agreement is imperative; I believe this is innate in man. In many cases people will
argue to be heard, not necessarily to make a point. Naive to the fact they are disturbing the
harmonic balance in life while creating unnecessary tension.
We use energy to create consciousness, and we share this energy with others through
vibrations. We share energy with everyone we encounter, with all events we engage and
actions we take. How we share and express energies and vibrations is what produces our
perception of others and the world, and how the world perceives us. At the very least, you
should know who you are, why you do what you do and give yourself every chance to make a
better life for yourself and those you love.
Most of our decisions are the result of reasoning. Whether it is inductive or deductive reasoning
used to generate solutions, they generally work. When you perceive a situation doesn't your
past experience cause you to see the event in terms of what you expect? Doesn't your
attention lead you to classify things by characteristic that appear similar to what you know?
"We are constantly bombarded with so much sensory information and past beliefs that it’s
impossible to pay attention to everything. The subconscious mind scans the environment and
selects what it deems important to notice. Even then, people see exactly what they expect to
see. Much of your perception is based not on events taking place from the outside, but what
the brain perceives, based on previous experience, and expects to happen next.
Know this the next time you go to a psychic or have your future told by taros cards. The
information you are receiving, you are paying for, already exists within you. It has already been
created, judged and made perfect by the rhythm of the universe. Personally I believe many of
the clients of such clairvoyants are those of week minds and low self-worth. They are
particularly susceptible to the suggestion of others and allow their mind to fill in the blanks
whenever there’s an unknown question. Know that any interference or manipulation you
undertake will only be met with resistance by an unstoppable force in which you have no
In the past, and as adults, we childishly insist that people take care of us. We have somehow
skipped the identity that produces who we are and our role in life. We allow others to defend