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In the end, the question is what does this mean to you? After all, natural law has been
around since the beginning of time, you have been in the midst of these principles and thus far
lived to tell. We are aware of mans connection to oneness for we are the same in content and
substance to our creator, just of different degrees. To be enlightened is to know this to be true,
to hold firm in the belief that we are one with God.
I believe life comes down to truth, not the truth you hold, but real truth. We know wisdom is
knowledge and knowledge is truth gained by wisdom. So, when we emerge from the
immaturity placed upon ourselves from our beliefs, we must sum up the courage to act upon
truth. By 'immaturity,' I mean a certain state of your will that makes you accept someone else's
authority to lead you in areas where the use of reason is called for. We must have the courage
to use our understanding.
Lack of action is our battle and fear is our Goliath. Guard your mind against idleness when the
world has blessed you abundantly. In these times, we are at our weakest, most prone to
thoughts and actions which go against our values and beliefs, we must summon our will. By
seeking the only truth which is beyond reproach, the only truth that matters, the truth which
God provides and the Spirit demonstrates, life begins to slow and form takes place.
If you have a guide or mentor for understanding, a counselor for advice, a doctor for care, you
don’t need much effort, you don’t even need to think. For this very reason it’s difficult for man
to raise from immaturity to self-sufficiency; he has little to do to provide his care. Only when
man observes his surroundings and responds to life rather than reacting to circumstances does
he grow. Today few people develop their own minds so they can free themselves from fear and
follow their dreams.
We are in the dawn of a new age, one of truth and enlightenment. An age inspired by God and
an understanding of the oneness in creation. Thus, man is achieving many things, if ever so
slowly, that were once thought impossible. We’re in a time of conscious revolution, where we
will be judged by the quality of our character rather than the product of our effort.
With knowledge of natural law you begin to see freedom under restriction. An independence
which encourages thought while creating form and allowing change. A freedom to move
without restraint proscribed by cause and yet controlled by effect. The only condition applied is
that your purpose must always be free to bring about harmony. By use of your own reason and
knowledge, placed with proper action and thought, you can change lives and bring accord with