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hidden qualities of a man and within every man, those of a woman. Men and women are
complete in thought and form. When you know this, you will know what it means to be
Then, what does it mean to be a woman or a man? Whether we are women or man is not
determined just by our sex organs as much as thoughts and beliefs. Since we act in accord with
the beliefs of what we are, we operate within our gender beliefs. Our gender includes a
complex mix of past events, behaviors, and characteristics that form us as either man or
women; it determines how we act, talk, and behave. Am I feminine or masculine, both, or
neither? These are questions that help us get to the core of our gender and gender identity.
Clearly, society’s category for what is masculine and feminine is unrealistic. They may not
capture how we truly feel, how we behave, or how we define ourselves. People need to get
over identification that ‘men are this way and woman that way.’ There are no rules, unless you
make them or accept the rules others offer you. Allow these energies to flow naturally through
you and trust in the spirit to guide you.
All men have some so-called feminine traits, and all women have some so-called masculine
traits. And we may show different traits at different times. Our cultures teach women and men
to be the opposites of each other in many ways; some cultures minimize this division while
others are to the extreme. Gender roles can also vary from one ethnic group to the next and
from one social class to another. But, every culture does have gender roles, and they all have
expectations for the way women and men, girls and boys, should dress, behave, and look.
We’ve learned from our parents and family and religion, as well as the outside world, including
television, magazines, and other media. We carry them through our lives.
An example would be, in Western cultures men and women are on a fairly even plane, while in
Middle Eastern society men clearly have a dominant standing. The truth is we are more alike
than different. You may know relationships where women take the alpha role and the man
takes the submissive character and this may work well as long as each understands their role.
Gender roles are the way people act, what they do and say, to express being a girl or a boy, a
woman or a man, not necessarily who they are. A woman may clearly be a dominant force at
home yet submissive at work and likewise with men. Again, these characteristics are shaped by
society and don’t refer to the true belief of oneself.
As children grow, they adopt behaviors that are rewarded by love and praise. They stop or hide
behaviors that are ridiculed, shamed, or punished. This happens early in life. By age three,
children usually prefer clothes, toys and other children of their own gender. Many people
would consider this law to include the duality of nature. However, this law is about gender only
and duality is considered in a different law. To express gender fully you must embrace both
masculine and feminine energy. The fullness of being contains both. Truly submissive or
aggressive behavior in either sex is most often seen as a lack of self, a lack of worth and
knowledge hiding behind such behaviors. When you become aware of you and who you really
are, you begin to express a full range of masculine and feminine traits with the dominant side
toward your gender.
Consider this in regards to people. A man has both energies and expresses masculine energy
primarily. Situations will arise that he will need to express feminine energy, for instance while