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This last out of the 12 laws states that everything has its masculine and feminine
principles; these are the basis for all creation. Even though we consider ourselves either male or
female, we have both male and female aspects to ourselves. Some are more dominant than
others, but they both exist none the less.
This law is one that is left out of many books and practices and you won’t find it in the Law of
Attraction. The reason is simple; the law is too fundamental and irreverent to growth. It’s my
belief that selective knowledge is incomplete education whether it’s compatible with your
process or not.
There are three parts to the Law of Gender. The first is that there are both male and female
components to all things in nature. This describes the beginning effects of the Law of Gender.
Science teaches us that you have to have both male and female counterparts to create life. For
new life to begin, a new seed must be planted, which then needs to be properly nourished.
Secondly, the Law of Gender can be defined as masculine and feminine, it states that in nature
there are always gender roles for new life to grow. This part of the equation, says our gender,
includes a complex mix of beliefs, behaviors, and characteristics, our gender identity. And
finally birth needs germination; once the conception process starts, an appropriate time is
required for maturity. We know from the law of growth that all things need to be properly
nurtured for correct function. In man, our mind is the developer of seeds that are planted from
innumerable sources of ideas which create our beliefs. The Law of Gestation states, every seed
that has been planted has a set time for growth and maturity.
Our biological sex is how we define male and female. It describes our internal and
external bodies, including our sexual and reproductive anatomy, it is our genetic makeup. A
person identifies with either male or female roles and thus takes on the social position of their
Though our sex only refers to our physical anatomy and chromosomes, our gender can refer to
our traits and mannerisms. Sex is either male or female while gender can refer to social and
societal status as either a man or woman. Each culture has its own standards of acceptable
behavior depending on sex, and while these may differ, it’s generally accepted than men take
on a masculine role and females a famine character.
Masculine and Feminine:
Gender is in everything and everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles
whether we choose to abide by them or not. This Law is evident throughout creation in the
form of opposite sexes, found not only in human beings but also in plants, animals, minerals,
electrons, and magnetic poles. Everything and everyone contain both the masculine and
feminine elements. Among the outward expressions of feminine qualities are love, patience,
intuition and gentleness. Masculine qualities are energy, self-reliance, logic and intellect. Note
that these are societal view’s not personal observations. Know that within every woman are the