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It’s not that my son is a bad driver; he was simply going through the law of rhythm and didn’t
adjust his habits.
How could this have been changed - By knowing his rhythmic state as soon as he was late for
work; acknowledging the downward pattern and being couscous with following events. This
may have saved him close to a thousand dollars in fines in the span of a few days. As a side
note, his rhythm returned to normal soon thereafter, his checking account will take a little
The law itself can never be destroyed but it can be manipulated. We may escape its effects or
alter its cause but rhythm operates, nevertheless. The tides always flow, although we may
escape being carried away with them.
When used correctly, the law of rhythm is a wonderful tool. Every moment is a gift. Listen
carefully to those whom God puts around you, who speak about “gratitude.” It is often He who
speaks to us through others. He calls us to slow down, to rest, to savor the moment and to live
fully every moment He gives to us. It is a gift. The bible tells us in Mathew 7 that “not heeding
the word is like building your house on sand.” When we listen to our spirit, our deeper wisdom
assembled from a lifetime of thoughts, emotions and actions, we invest in the permanent
results that change our lives. Eventually you get tired of misleading yourself and learn to
optimize your rhythm to align with the gifts God has given you. When you do, gratitude will be
the end result. You realize you’re not limited to a finite position, that your opportunities are
boundless and under your control.