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until the one becomes stressed over the two. Then it becomes perfect. We see much of the
same in life, always emphasizing one facet over another. Should you naturally drive on the right
side of the road, the left seems unnatural. You may genuinely be a talkative person, if so; a
quiet and shy person may weaken your energy.
There are two important facts in the law of rhythm. First is “there is time for everything, with
no exceptions.” If you can ride out the bad knowing the good is on its way then you have won
half the battle. Second “the more you fight it the longer it will last,” when you worry, your
attention is focused on fear and produces more of it.
As a side note, in my studies I have heard many people speak on the Law of Rhythm and its
effect on their lives. What confuses me is when educated people, who clearly have knowledge,
miss an opportunity to correctly explain the given theories.
In any case, I’ve heard the Law of Rhythm used in statements such as, “if you’re having a down
day, the law of rhythm is in action and you’ll have better days soon” or “when going through
times of sorrow, know the law of rhythm will bring you times of joy.” Though true, I believe
these statements are missing the true value of the law.
Knowledge of natural law and its operation holds little significance to if you don’t use it to
increase your life. In other words, knowing the pendulum is shifting in your life, you should
change your attitude, alter your actions and increase your will, “cause,” and a down day will
brighten, you will find joy in your sorrow, “effect.” You don’t have to let rhythm control you and
accept the swings of energy, you’re in control of your destination, change your circumstances.
As you recall we spoke of the interaction of universal laws and how they’re likened to a rainbow
of colors, one fading into another. Never feel that any law is operating in your life and there’s
nothing you can do. Realize you may be in the midst of a dominate energy, but other laws are
also in operation and you have the power to manipulate the given outcome.
The Law of Rhythm is a constant circulation of energy which guides our lives; and since we
know there is no absolute completion of anything, only change, then energy is always moving
into higher forms and cycles. Look at the forest 10 years after a fire, they’re thriving with life.
The old has been destroyed, earth rejuvenated and is flourishing; wouldn’t it hold true that we
are in constant expansion. This illustrates rhythm and the law of nature, the rising and the
setting of the sun, the hidden laws of man, rhythm is everywhere.
Rhythm in your life is based on feelings, thoughts, beliefs and habits and the most important of
these being habit. The habits you form are your potential for growth and display the way you
believe and your personal rhythm. Think about it this way. The Law of Rhythm is like a calm
ocean of life. If you relax amongst the soothing waves, the unseen current will draw you to a
direction you may or may not want to go.
This law is often what attracts us to another person; and it’s an outstanding guide for our
relationships. You’ve heard your friends say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater” or “they’ll do it
again,” chances are they are right. People often live in the repetitive patterns of their emotions
and habits. Fear, more often than not, shows up along the same lines as does commitment and