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The Law of Rhythm states everything in the universe moves continually in patterns and
cycles. That everything vibrates with definite rhythms and nothing is ever out of order. These
patterns remind us energy is continually in motion.
We are always given an opportunity to start fresh with a new cycle, and each series reflects the
regularity of the nature. We need to rise above the negative successions in life and tone down
positive a cycles to live in a harmonic fashion. Knowing life is a chain of patterns and living a
reverent existence is the source in rhythm.
Have you ever felt "in the zone, in a groove” where you simply respond to whatever comes up?
This is something we often associate with athletes, speakers, musicians and the like. Yet we can
achieve our own state of inner connection by allowing a flow of inspiration and humbly
acknowledging that everything we have is a gift. When we look back on a moment when
everything seemed to flow, we realize that we were willing to remove our sense of 'self', and
allow nature to flow. Many describe this as being in a zone, and that zone is harmony with the
natural flow.
The nature of the Law of Rhythm is harmony and every form produced, every condition
revealed is a harmonic creation. Therefore, conception is not vibration without limitations, for
the Law of Rhythm provides those limits. If not for the Law of Rhythm, there would be no form,
no movement and no sound. There would be a constant stream of meaningless energy with no
pattern or relationship to form. Much like trying to construct a living being without DNA; form
needs a rhythmic pattern for construction.
The most obvious way to witness the Law of Rhythm is through the four seasons of the year.
Each season builds on and interchanges with the season before it, and each season is created
through this cycle. In life, our mission is to manage these changes and to know when our
rhythmic pattern is increased or depleted while making the appropriate adjustment. How we
respond to these rhythms is what makes the difference in our lives. We can choose to accept
them for what they are and the way they operate, or we can fight against natural law and see
where that takes us.
The Law of Rhythm influences and extends to your mental actions. It accounts for your
bewildering succession of moods, feelings and other perplexing changes we notice in ourselves.
By studying the operations of this principle you can learn to escape its behavior by transforming
your thoughts and actions.
The duality of rhythm maintains everything by the foundation that nothing is entirely anything
while everything is part of something.
When one thinks of rhythm he can’t help but think of music. When we say 'one-two, one-two',
then we understand rhythm, and what makes the two echo a reflection. It’s the response to
one. And suppose we don’t say, 'one-two', we only say, 'one-one-one-one', all with the same
emphasis, the reflection isn’t pleasing, it’s more singular and balanced. We don’t feel rhythm