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The next time you hear negative chatter, pause and analyze the thoughts going through your
mind. Ask yourself:
Why is the problem?
What’s really happening?
Is my self-image or self-esteem feeling threatened?
Am I feeling intimidated or rejected?
What fears, beliefs, insecurities may be operating here?
Notice patterns taking place in your dialog and whether it’s moving you towards or away from
your growth. Assess your self-talk. Is it negative or positive? If it is negative, ask yourself:
What is the evidence?
Is this the way I would talk to a friend who was in my position?
Can this situation be viewed a different way?
Am I keeping things in perspective?
Change your self-talk. If you decide that your self-talk is unhelpful or wrong, replace the
negative thoughts with positive affirmations. For example, if you are thinking “This is too hard”
use the affirmation “I am open to learning new things in small increments”.
By taking away the power of the negative thought your brain will find ways to make the task
which was once difficult, more manageable.
Changing self-talk requires time and patience, since our subconscious has developed a habit of
constantly speaking. You’ll probably need to work on the steps repeatedly for some time before
it becomes second nature. In time, you will find that you have a healthier self-esteem and
greater confidence than you ever imagined, and much happier thoughts.