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Correct knowledge of the law of growth is valuable in understanding personal
achievement. We have talked about how “nature is nature and nature will find a way to
increase.” We may pervert the natural process but in the long run it will prevail. In the
beginning, middle and end of natural laws are the principle of growth; it navigates through all. If
we realize this from the beginning we don’t undo our own work by attempting to compel things
to become what they’re naturally are not. No doubt the greater the energy we put into the
seed, which we call the spirit, the quicker it will germinate. The more we understand origin, the
more effort we put into the seed.
In times of unhappiness, people often think if they could just change jobs, had more money or a
different relationship, their lives would be fulfilled. When disconnected with life people often
think, “Well if this person would just do this, then I would feel happier.” Or, “If only I had that, I
could be content.”
This is the core of the Law of Growth. Switching jobs or relationships, wishing for more money
or controlling others is not going to bring the change in spirit you seek. Just as in the law of
correspondence, the law of change and the law of attraction, growth is a condition that is
neutered by the process and is absolute. Only an error in appliance can change the effects but
growth still occurs.
The law of growth is constant with the only variation being in the application of natural law,
which often leads to confusion. Either we believe we can accelerate growth by our own efforts
or we rush in before development is complete. Just as the seed planted in the ground, growth
needs depth, proper foundation and a nurturing environment to cultivate life. Plant a tree in
rocky ground and the tree may grow but the progress will be restricted by poor preparation.
The result is the same in life, only a suitable foundation will create harmony in growth.
The law of growth is always the same just as all natural laws; it requires energy to construct
form. Since thoughts produce belief which in turn produces our reality; the difference lies in the
patterns we form, to bring on this belief.
Self awareness is important to growth because it tells us who we are and how we perceive
ourselves. We learn how our lives impact other people and the world around us by being aware
of our actions. It guides us in surrounding ourselves with people who can support us because
they have attributes we admire. It tells us our skills, appearances and lacks, “Self awareness is
who we are.”
Awareness is vital to your progress but it can also bring fear and anxiety to our lives to the point
of harm. Depending on your perspective, they can either stymie growth, or present
opportunities for progress. Overcoming fear is a challenge discussed throughout nature and the
laws which govern us. We know it can be valid and is meant to preserve life though at other
times it’s irrational and needs to be overcome. By identifying these fears and using sound
judgment and correct thought we are able to move forward in spite of them.