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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal." Henry Ford
Life. Understand that most of life is routine, your soul lacks interest in 9 to 5 work days
and coming home to the steady stream of bills. Relationships and life in general is mundane.
For this very reason, our tests of livelihood, character, will and spirit intensify; they consume
our present and become our reality.
When times of trial come, one of the tests you should pass is to live each day with enthusiasm
by focusing on what you do have, what you’re thankful for and become excited about another
day to fulfill your destiny. Give thanks for the roof over your head, the food you eat and the air
you breathe. Keep in mind everyone who greeted you yesterday and are no longer here today.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed, make the most of this day. You truly do have much to be thankful
My whole point of relativity is our perception or what we think is absolute fact, though not
immutable. While we may never be able to change the psychical aspects of our lives, we can
change our surroundings and create a life of choice rather than a life of reaction. So, please
learn to use the concept of relativity to define who you are and to feel better about yourself.
There are plenty of people in the world who worse off than you and with a little effort, you can
find gratitude in the worst of times.
So what can be learned from the Law of Relativity? Real Truth and perceived truth are in reality
one and the same. What you experience is dependent on your perception. As you believe, so
too you will receive. That determines your truth.
There is no such thing as untruth. Only varying "perceptions" on an individual basis as to what
their individual truth is.