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personally have been stopped probably 6 times in my life and received 2 tickets. The ideal
solution is to manage every stage effectively and put energy and attention on solutions not the
problem. Know that the meaning of any difficulty is relative to what you compare it to.
Managing life is a constant increase of you as a whole. No one singular problem or success can
define who you are as long as you progress. Improvement creates you and defines you and
trials are a part of this growth. You can only grow by going through difficulties and conquering a
formerly unknown circumstance. By tracing your changes and asking yourself how you know
this to be true. Your knowledge that growth and value are in your performance allows you the
opportunity to change your life.
Since everything happens for a reason. Instead of locking yourself in a room or taking your
frustrations out on someone else, treat them as what they really are, opportunities to expand
your knowledge and faith, an opportunity to improve and grow as a human spirit.
When looking for meaning, try to find the gifts in negative experiences. By seeing these events
as lessons and opportunities you will find greater purpose in your life. The capacity to make
sense of struggles and bounce back from stress is an important role in dealing with life
effectively and preserving a sense of well-being. You can endure anything when you have a
compelling reason to do so. When you believe there's a reason something happens, when you
realize it’s all relative to your perceptions, you avoid blaming others or yourself. Fault is often
our first instinct in making sense of tragic events, but it irritates the situation by creating a
feeling of helplessness.
In these times of monumental shifts of wealth, more people than ever have gone from middle
class households to ruined credit, foreclosed homes and broken relationships. Many blame the
government, or the mortgage companies, some blame their employer while others sit at home
feeling life is unfair and wallowing in self-pity. They are looking for someone to blame. These
tragedies are in direct relation to the law of relativity. If you hadn’t had prosperous times, you
would have never known disappointment. Know that these setbacks are temporary and keep
your eye on growth.
Far too many people are caught up in making a living, protecting what they have today, rather
than designing a future, increasing their value and creating a life.
You must become conscious of the fact, you’re not a victim, and your experiences are in your
control. Recognize you are the director of your reality even though it appears otherwise and
growth is entirely up to you. Know that trials are temporary and fade with each step forward.
Once you acknowledge relativity, once you accept responsibility for your growth, pieces start to
fit, random elements become specific and meaningful to your spiritual growth.
Whenever faced with hardship, take a step back from the circumstances and think about it from
a higher plane. Withdraw from worries, anxieties, problems, and consider it from another
perspective. Ask yourself what this means when compared with your life. Will this matter a
month from now or a year from now? This life is a life of duality; there’s good and bad, justice
and injustice, etc. Your role in life is to grow and experience, to live and love, to find truth and
justice, to seek pleasure and avoid anger.