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The law of relativity tells us everything in our physical world is made real by comparison.
Light exists because of dark, rich exists because of poor. Nothing is either good or bad until you
compare it to something else. Define light or evil; these are perceptions of what you believe
light and evil represent, your act of “relating and comparing.”
A correct understanding of the law of relativity is important because many of our beliefs are
flawed. You must recognize nature is nature, you may change nature, but in the end nature will
prevail and return all things to order. Your view of life doesn’t change the facts it only changes
your perception of the facts. Our lives, relationships and successes are based on natural law,
and since this law is absolute, knowledge can be valuable. Identify with natural law and don’t
force things to become what they naturally are not. Know things happen for a reason and every
experience is used for growth.
Romans 8:28 states, all things work together for the good of man; for those that love God and
are the called according to His purposes. So, wake up and say “I will trust You today”. No matter
what may come my way. Things do happen for a reason.
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are
the called according to His purpose.”‘ – Rom 8:28
This Law upholds; every condition in our life is for growth and how we manage these
circumstances determines our progress.
Consider each problem a challenge to your heart, mind and soul while resolving them. Use this
law to learn how the world harmonizes, to see your problems as they are and, to put them in a
proper perspective. Know that regardless of your conditions someone else has it worse.
The first stage of the law of relativity is perception. This is when you sense an event and judge it
as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. At any given moment, you might see familiar objects in
your environment, feel the touch of someone against your skin, or hear the sound of music
playing. All of this is being processed in the mind and will have an impact on your perception of
events and interactions with others.
Once we perceive any event what follows is reaction to the event. This is where your emotional
and physical response to the perceived takes place as your mind relates to your physical senses
and forms a thought. Much is based on several limitations of your subconscious beliefs and
filters. What are your tendencies, are you insistent or compliant, are you serious or humorous?
Your previous experiences and expectations will interact with the current experience and
determine most of your reaction.
Should you be driving down the road and see red lights flashing in your rear view mirror, your
first response would be anxiety. Why is this? Your perception is you have done something
wrong; your experience tells you police only stop people for one reason, to give a ticket. Would
it cross your mind that your tire was low or you hadn’t fully shut your trunk? No, because you
know people who get stopped, get tickets. Is this the truth, the real truth? I don’t know; I