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You can grow, learn, continually improve and change, or, you can resist change and become
unequipped to grow with the universe. In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer
Are there areas in your life that aren't working whether it's friends, work, or relationships? This
might be a clue that you need to change certain thought patterns and actions. However, just
telling yourself to think differently is not the answer. You need to be aware of what, when, and
why you tell yourself certain things or you act a certain way. Once you know this you can make
the conscious effort to change with correct information and focus on the results.
We all know how hard change can be, after all you have created a life that’s been a part of you
for a long time. Just realize building new habits takes time and constant effort. It will also take a
while before your brain realizes, yes, it’s safe to do it this new way too. Being aware of your
thoughts, your results, and also by asking yourself "why" can lead you to changing those
thoughts that no longer serve you.
Change is a part of the flow of life and sometimes we get frustrated by how slowly it occurs. We
become resistant to a change that seems to have been thrust upon us for no reason because
we only want to amend the situations we see as the problem. Remember that change, in and of
itself, its neither good nor bad, it neither binds us or frees us. As we learn to flow with the
oneness of God, praying for guidance to see the change as it presents itself and the wisdom to
be willing to change, fear losses its grip on our lives. Be willing to let the sprit flow in your life,
to take charge and guide you on the actions to take.
Should change come too fast or not fast enough, adjust yourself, reset your focus and know all
has been given to you in the appropriate time. Recognize it’s only your attitude and beliefs
towards change that frees or binds you. When you do, you'll be amazed at the difference you
can make in your life.
Final thought. Among the many gifts God has given you is the gift of freedom. Paradoxically,
however, the gift of freedom comes with a price. Freedom can only be achieved by paying the
price of acceptance. Similarly, if we surrender to Gods guidance we submit our free-will, the
creation so precious to those of us who always believed we should be running the show. Ask
yourself; Is your freedom worth the price of acceptance?