OTO Crash Course HTML version

One of the highly guarded marketing weapon that GURU is
hiding from you
products like an ecover generator software, or a pdf converter
software, or a directory of publishers and on and on that make
your main product more complete as a package. These are
known as complementary products.
Supplementary OTO – Supplementary OTO are products that
run inline with your main product / site theme. We use back the
above example, assume that you are selling an ebook on how to
write and publish ebook, therefore supplementary products that
you can use in your OTO could be an upgraded version with
Master Resale Rights to your ebook (that’s limited for 100 copies
only) or maybe an upgrade to get your personal review of the
first ebook your customer write etc. And one of the best
examples would be HyperVre by Matt Callen. Upon sign up for
the free software, you’ll then be directed to an OTO page for a
GOLD membership upgrade at a low price that you’ll never get
again. Yes, you read that right. ÐYou’ll never get again“. Try to
copy the OTO url and go back to that page after you’ve passed
it. The page wouldn’t show. That’s a real OTO!
Where to Use OTO? / Where Should I Place an OTO?
Okay, now that’s another good question. Basically, you’ll have 3
choices on where you should set up your OTO.
Immediately after a purchase – My first experience with this
OTO was my purchase on the Silent Machine Hiding on eBay. Jim
offer SSM for $24.97 or a combined package with another
product called ÐHow to Turn Auction Traffic into Cash“ for
$39.97. You see, the auction traffic ebook was selling at $24.97
alone and so the combined package gave me an immediate
saving of $15. Cool isn’t it? And this is an example of a
complementary OTO. So, how effective is it to place an OTO
immediately after a purchase? I would say very effective,
because customers are in a buying frenzy. And in which case,
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