OTO Crash Course HTML version

One of the highly guarded marketing weapon that GURU is
hiding from you
products and software. Other sites are just not as good because the
owner doesn’t seem to update it very frequently.
If you’re in other niches, don’t be disappointed. Resale Rights is a hot
thing right now. And if you do your research properly, there are Resale
Rights products for any niche that you can think of. Say if you were in
But I highly suggest that you spend some money to acquire products
with limited licenses. Those products are very hot since not many
Resale Rights license will be issued and therefore made your OTO
more converting.
However the best way of doing it would still be to write your own
ebooks or to develop your own softwares. You can do this by
combining PLR articles that you get through top notch PLR article site
like InfoGoRound and compile it into an ebook or maybe to burn it into
a CD and so on. But that still sounds like a lot of work to do, isn’t it?
And that lead us to the second question.
How do I setup the OTO?
This question is a big turn off for most people. You see, everyone
including you and me is lazy by nature. And techie stuff like this is not
going to be a pleasant thing.
Anyway, I must stress here that OTO can be a standalone business in
itself that is highly profitable. Just look again at the diagram above.
Does it look very difficult? Surely not. So, if you’re serious of making
money online, don’t let this be a hindrance to get you started on a
profitable OTO business.
But things have changed tremendously lately. Building a website is
just a mouse clicking thing with software like Xsitepro. It just nice for
lazy people like me. And recently there is even a membership site that
shocks the OTO industry altogether. The site offers to create the OTO
page for you and all that is required from you is to just copy and place
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