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hiding from you

Simply put, try to be as HONEST as possible. Never lie to your customer. Get something of great value and offer to them. It could be a bunch of Master Resale Right’s products but try to insert one or two products of your own creation that they can’t get elsewhere or a Master Resale Rights product that has limited edition. It’s worth the price to sometimes purchase some high quality Master Resale Right’s products with limited license like Marketing Quickies by Andrew Fox and offer it to your customers. Don’t you think your customer will be grateful to you?

Or you can even get a reseller license to quality membership sites like Affiliate Land Mine and offers maybe a 180 days membership for free to your customers in your OTO and start charging only after the 6 months. It’s a win-win isn’t it?

You must not put more than 2 OTO at one time – Hey buddy, realistically speaking, making money is our main concern. But you don’t overdo that with your OTO. Having more than 2 OTO consecutively is not going to work.

Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How would you feel being exposed to one OTO after another and still not reaching the place that you initially want to? You just bought an ebook and were shown an OTO. Assume that it doesn’t interest you, and you click to decline the offer and there another OTO pop up. You are still not interested, and so you decline the 2ndoffer and yet another OTO pop up! Isn’t that annoying? Yeah, an OTO which suppose to be a win-win plan may become a demotivator to your customers. Just bear in mind that 2 OTO at one time running consecutively is maximum. Or just stick to the standard of one time. It’s going to be more effective.