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hiding from you 3 Practices that will Make or Break your OTO Campaign

While the OTO marketing system may sound very appealing, there are certain things that you must take into consideration if you really want an effective OTO or else, it will not work. Worse, the OTO may even spoil your reputation if it’s not handled properly.

Here are Top 3 Secrets that determine the success or failure of your OTO campaign:

Your OTO must be a truly ONE TIME OFFER – Many marketers do not understand the underlying truth behind the word OTO. Because they don’t see it or else they are not aware of it. And this little mistake can lose you money and reputation.

What do I mean by that? Well, it depends on the script that you use for the OTO. Some people just set up a normal html page to put up the offer and visitors can always return to that page by copying the url and paste it in the address bar of their browser again. In this case, there’s no “fear of loss”. And people would not view your OTO as ONE TIME OFFER as they can still return to that page again and again. When the “fear of loss” factor is not present in your OTO, your OTO conversion rate can be very low. And you’ll be getting very little money whereas people like Mike Filsaime can fork more than a million dollar in one year using OTO!

Wow, that’s sound a little bit technical isn’t it? Not really. You can simply utilize a reliable OTO script like the one by John Delavera to perform the task for you. It’s not really that difficult.

Your OTO must be of EXCEPTIONAL value – Okay, I don’t think you need further elaboration on this. Because I believe you’ve come across way too many OTO than anybody else. And how many OTO did you grab? That was in a customer viewpoint. But now you want to see from a marketer viewpoint and use OTO as a marketing weapon to earn you even more.